Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Obama wins the election! Now what?

Obama wins the election!  Now what?

In the last week, we have seen the incredible power of hope.  The election of Barak Obama to the Presidency of the United States ignited celebration not only in this country but around the world.

Americans have reaffirmed the dream that you can succeed to the highest political office regardless of your race or ethnicity.  At a time that our economy is failing and our reputation around the world is embarrassing, voters proved that our aspirations are most powerful when things seem most gloomy.  As President-elect Obama encouraged us, we must believe in the “audacity of hope.”

Equally amazing in the last week has been the reaction of the world to Obama’s election.  There literally has been dancing in the streets.  People in all parts of the world care about what Americans do – with good reason.  In the last eight years we have invaded two countries and started a global financial crisis.  Can we also start a revolution of hope?

For individual citizens and members of OWL, we should learn from what has been accomplished.  President-elect Obama is a man who believes in a vision of the country and has worked successfully to convince others to believe he can make a difference.  If nothing else, he has shown us that he can convince thousands of volunteers to work for him, millions of people to contribute money, and tens of millions of people to vote for him regardless of race, party affiliation, or a funny name.

It is time for all of us to make the vision a reality.  What are your hopes for which you would volunteer and contribute money?

For me, I can imagine a country where everyone has equal access to health care.  Where women don’t pay more for health insurance or retirement annuities just because they are women.  Where wage discrimination on the basis of gender is eliminated.  Where elder abuse never happens.

Now is the time for us to hope, but hope is not enough.  It must be followed by action.  As Tish Sommers and Laurie Shields understood when they formed OWL – and Obama just demonstrated – “Organize, don’t Agonize”.  Join with your neighbors & friends to support the change that is possible.  Join with the women & men of OWL that are working to bring our vision of women in mid and later life to reality.  Be the change you desire.

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Sensei Myriam said...

I agree that having Senator Obama elected shows we are moving in the right direction. And yet, we need to be cautious about our projections of hope in one so human....

There is still a lot of way to go...