Friday, May 1, 2009

Washington, DC

I love going to Washington DC. As a member of the OWL National Board, I come to Washington three times a year. Each time I come, I plan something different to do in the city. As I come from New York City, I have the opportunity to travel inexpensively, by bus, to DC. The bus leaves me about six blocks from my hotel- Hosteling International-Washington, DC. This centrally located hostel is a safe, clean and cheap place to stay in the city. I always request a bottom bunk.

I have seen the Vietnam Memorial on a cold damp January morning. I was a college student during the war and protested against it. I now wonder what kind of memorial will be built for all those lost in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts. The summer trip down the Potomac River to Mount Vernon was a lot of fun. I usually travel around the city by myself but on the last trip, Shirley Harlan, another member of the OWL National Board, went with me. We had a great time and learned that it was a group of women that saved Mount Vernon from destruction. Shirley introduced me to the Kennedy Center’s free evening concert events. The night we went it was a children’s author reading his book. It was very enjoyable, even for an adult.

Other places I visited are the National Archives, the National Zoological Park, and the National Museum of the American Indian. At the National Archives, I saw the Declaration of Independence as well as documents signed by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony who pushed for a woman’s right to vote. The National Zoo has an outstanding giant panda habitat as well as Komodo dragons. The Museum of the American Indian tells the stories of many Native American tribes. Also, the food at the museum makes it “the place” for lunch. The selection is planned around regional foods that different tribes would have eaten. For example, items could be Indian fry bread, tamales, buffalo burgers, or grilled salmon as well as different kinds of oysters and seasonal vegetables. The prices are reasonable and not a hot dog in sight. The best thing is that all of these places have no admission fees.

What are my plans for my next trip? Well, I have not been to Arlington Cemetery or seen the monuments of DC by night. By the way, I always make the OWL Board meetings.

-Lowell Green, NE Regional Representative to the OWL National Board

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