Monday, July 27, 2009

I scream on the corner for nothing?

When I was a kid, a family ice cream joke was, “ I scream on the corner for nothing”. Now as an elder, I find myself screaming on the corner of 2nd and E Street for something! There I was Thursday for Single Payer Healthcare along with 40 or more Move-On persons from every walk of life screaming out “Healthcare Not Warfare” to Senator Barbara Boxer to encourage her to take a strong stand in the current debate.

Support a Public Option!

Support Affordable Healthcare!

Choice UP and Cost DOWN!

SAVE $$$$!

The current healthcare system is not working when America is 37th rated with other countries, when 47% of our population is not insured and cannot afford healthcare. Those who are insured risk if covered in the event of a medical occurrence and whether their policy will be renewed and at what increase cost? There are so many personal stories confirming this.

Yes, I am old enough to qualify for Medicare. Why should I care about others? Because I strongly believe that preserving the present market-based approach does not serve us well. Healthcare is not a commodity for sale but is a right; that my health depends on my neighbor being healthy; that this is an area that government does better when all of us are in the risk pool for access to quality care.

I urge support of a strong public option as part of healthcare reform that is available to ALL Americans on Day One. No “trigger” and No delay, No gimmicks.

Get out and scream! What do we want? Healthcare! When do we want it? NOW!

Shirley Harlan, PO Box 2276, San Bernardino 92406, 909 882 4057


Anonymous said...

Affordable healthcare is an oxymoron.

Private sector insurance might be a bad idea but Medicare costs a lot and is going broke. If a health delivery system doesn't try to have spare dollars (profit)how will it ever succeed.


Anonymous said...

No one is arguing that Medicare is perfect. But it's phenomenally better in that it delivers high quality care at a much lower cost than private insurance, and with some changes it could be the backbone or a truly world class health sustem. IF we went single payer, we could provide comprehensive coverage to everyone for LESS than we spend now. Affordable coverage is not oxymoronic, but politicians are too beholden to campaign contributors, special interests, and party politics to really do anything that would give us affordable health care.